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How Technology Predictions for 2017 Impact MLM

How technology predictions for 2017 might impact MLM is an important query. Digital innovation can disrupt entire industries. That includes the MLM industry.

Gartner, the research firm, reported on its top 10 strategic predictions for 2017 and beyond focusing on digital business innovation. A presentation was made by Daryl C. Plummer, managing vice-president, at a Gartner Symposium in Orlando.

Millions of Consumers Will Shop in Augmented Reality

One of the predictions focused on how consumers will be immersed in augmented reality when they shop. In MLM, for example, many skin care firms might utilize augmented reality to enable prospective buyers to try on makeup. This can lead to better, more personalized engagement with the products. When an independent networker is unable to meet face-to-face with a prospect and do a demonstration, augmented reality may be used to facilitate the sale. Some who do this, may opt to do so inside a webinar/meeting platform.

The MLM industry, with an array of products and services being sold, will most likely see many firms working hard to tap into the power of augmented reality. Gartner predicts that “by 2020, 100 million consumers will shop in augmented reality.”


More Consumers Will Browse by Voice First

More companies will recognize the increase of browsing by voice instead of searching by first using a web browser. Gartner refers to the former as “voice first” interactions. Astute MLM companies will recognize this trend and make sure the mobile content and technology they deploy will be search optimized for voice first interactions. Independent networkers will do the same in their marketing efforts but must do so within all stipulated guidelines put forth by their respective MLM companies.

Blockchain Technology Explodes

The bitcoin blockchain, as explained by Mr. Plummer, is a virtual ledger that allows for a “shared view of all transactions between engaging parties in a distributed, decentralized network.” MLM has already tipped its toes into the bitcoin blockchain. Like anything disruptive, however, there are unique complexities that must be appropriately addressed, to minimize any associated risks.

Bitcoin firms led by management teams who are willing to analyze and address the issues to make for long term success could have a chance to realize substantial long term revenues and profits. If appropriately tied to an income opportunity in some way, networkers as well can take advantage of this trend.


However, companies that might just want to jump on the “bitcoin rocket” for quick riches will most likely fail to address critical issues and be doomed to failure. Networkers, obviously, will have to pick and choose carefully among firms offering opportunities tied to bitcoins.

Gartner predicts that “by 2022, a blockchain-based business will be worth $10 billion.” The industry is starting to grow even though the technology is still being refined. Major banks and multinational companies are strategizing on how best to incorporate bitcoins in their businesses.

Exciting times are ahead for those MLM companies that can capitalize on these predictions. Networkers as well will be searching for such trend setting firms. Don’t be left behind.

Article Source: mlmconsultantsblog

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