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Hybrid MLM Plan

Hybrid MLM Plan

The MLM hybrid plan was invented in the year 1985. This MLM compensation plan contains one sales force organization. In this plan, everyone is counted on as a distributor. In this plan the sales leaders are not present. Here the companies pay the distributors down the X number of levels. After that, the company pays a certain amount of money on the basis of the criteria along with the categorizations of the sales force.

This thing entirely depends on the fact how long a distributor has been with any MLM company in the downline. There is a specific period where in case the MLM companies can sign up new people, they can easily make more as the new recruits and less on them later. This program can also pay high amount of commissions to the new recruits for a certain time period.

Hybrid MLM Plan
Hybrid MLM Plan

How Hybrid MLM Plan Works?

Considering the importance of the MLM hybrid compensation plan available in the MLM industry, Teclutions offers this plan with numerous great advantages. The MLM hybrid compensation plan that we offer is a great combination of both the unilevel compensation plan and the binary compensation plan. Besides, the plan that we offer includes two legs or two computers.

With the help of this MLM hybrid plan, people who are in the will can make commissions of higher than the average percentage of all the people, who sponsor. The major advantage of this MLM compensation plan that we offer has a great turnover of equipment. Besides, the turnover is not in the hands of any specific number of sponsored people, but this also collaborate the upline.

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