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Hot Network Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In 2017


Do you want to be a smarter Network Marketer and be better at building wealth next year? As a new year beckons, we take a look at what we believe will be the hottest Network Marketing trends to watch out for in 2017!

Are you ahead of the trends?

1. Global is the new Local

In an ever expanding world, where we have access to every piece of geography from the click of a finger, we can no longer ignore the opportunity to build global.

When we do this, we diversify opportunity and risk.

When we build global, we are no longer reliant on one market keeping us afloat, and we’re also not throwing all of our eggs into one basket on the hope that one market will sustain us for years to come.

The world has become much smaller with support technology growing in quality and availability- you can be in the UK one hour, Africa the next and then over to the US, without even being in the room using technological platforms such as Zoom. Leadership qualities can be taught from Youtube, and daily conversations can continue as normal through Whatsapp, WeChat and Facebook to just name a few of the tools available to you.

In 2017, we believe those who have a company established in many regions of the globe will be the true winners.

If you are going to play the globe game, ensure your team has the systems already established to support the international network that you build.

What you do must be able to duplicate.

2. Online Social Proof is Vital

Online social proof will be more than vital for all Network Marketers in 2017.

What was often seen as a nice to have has become a real necessity to attracting quality people into your business.

People buy from people and from those they trust. And in todays world, social media allows you to build trust online where people are already looking.

Without social proof, there is only hope- and we don’t want our prospects to live in hope. We want them to live with the belief that you can help to take them from where they are now to where they want to be.

  • So what message are you portraying Online?
  • What is your Social Media strategy?
  • Is it congruent and authentically you?
  • Does it build trust with your audience?
  • Is it relatable?

Don’t let technology take you away from business building activities, allow it to amplify what you already have.

3. The year of Servant leadership

The world is waking up- we are no longer in a world where we can get by from just focusing on what we want without looking at helping others.

As the saying goes “If we help enough people get what they want, we’ll ultimately get what we want”, and there is never a more important time to understand this principle than now.

In Network Marketing, our success is measured on the success of others, so what are you doing to help those people who look up to you?

No one is doing anything for you.. Rather, you are doing everything in your power to help them.

Be a servant to others. Help them get what they want. Period.

4. Customer engagement will be key to a sustainable business

2017 is the year of sustainability and sustainability will only come from keeping happy customers.

Over the years I’ve heard many people say “do you focus on building a customer base or business builders?” and the answer always is BOTH… The problem we often see is that when building a business some distributors focus so much on the rush of enrolling fast growing distributors that they forget to stay engaged with the customer.

It is more important now than ever to be building a strong consumer base, and putting as much support into your customers as into your distributors.

Your customers are the life blood of your business- without customers, there is no volume.

We are in a world where its too easy for an unsatisfied customer to go somewhere else.

Remember, people buy people, so if they are happy with your customer service, there’s a strong chance they’ll stay for many years to come.

  • So what are you doing to stay engaged with your customers?
  • Are you checking in with them regularly?
  • Are they on your email lists?
  • Do they feel like they belong?

5. Emotional & Consumable products will be hotter than ever

Customers will hands down spend more money on products they want rather than they need.

Anti-aging, Nutrition & Weight management products just to name a few are major segments of the Network Marketing profession and all for good reason… They provide a ‘feel good factor’ which drives the consumer to emotional bliss… When a product is aligned with the emotion factor, the consumer will be a user for life.

When you’re aligned with a product on that level, you’ll continue to use it, continue to run out and continue to buy when you run out.

This leads to strong foundations, strong referrals and ultimately, repeat business, month after month, year after year.

These products will continue to be the hottest segments of Network Marketing in 2016, and there’s no sign of these segments slowing down!

6. The year of the hustle

Some of the biggest names in Network Marketing will be created in 2017.

This will come from aligning some key factors: Industry growth, Social Proof and Awareness along with people awakening to the fact that there is a better way to create a higher level of income to allow us to build income around our passions rather than balancing our passions around our time.

Those who capitalise on this alignment will be the people who are willing to hustle, to dig deep, to drive for the finishing line and to help as many people accomplish their goals as possible.

If you’re willing to work hard and work smart, you give yourself the best possible chance to to create a year of success.

Article Source: reignitenetwork

Professor Charles
Professor Charles is a content marketing professional at Teclutions, an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Professor Charles worked as a project/marketing manager for an online tech and advertising startup. He graduated with honors from Coventry University United Kingdom with a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Computing.

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